Walk poem by Winiata

Updates from the 2013 Walkatjurra Walkabout

Walking For Country


A Poem from Winiata 14th May 2013-05-15


Well, here we are Walking for Country with Ayjindi, a 13 year old boy from Costa Rica, and resting on this Red Earth.

Overcast day but a child skipping along a muddy path.

Wind gently urging him forward.

Flags dancing on shoulders that have strengthened by each day.

And a fire that burns in hearts that have been ignited by love and pain – passion and wonderment.

One step at a time – maybe this cool breeze will respect our inner wish and carry our message of a nuclear-free future to Toro, and the Land will be preserved for these children’s children.

For there’s a song that the ancestors have passed on to some

So the little ones will listen and be warmed by the past.  For the future may not be as fragile as we think.

We are huddled…

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