“We do it as a matter of personal conscience.” -Randy Kehler
Day 2 of filming



Voice From Fukushima, day 1 of interviewing and filming with Court Dorsey of Clamshell Alliance, Vietnam Veteran Al Miller, Fukushima council woman Chikako Nishiyama #chikakonishiyama #rememberfukushima

Began filming interviews today with Fukushima former councilwoman Chikako Nishiyama and local anti-nuclear, anti-war activists.

Interviews continue tomorrow with Sam Lovejoy, anti-nuclear activist & founding member of one of the earliest communes in the US and Randy Kehler, the man whose speech in part prompted Daniel Ellsberg to release the Pentagon Papers.

Voice from Fukushima filming continues tomorrow.


@drvonskillet, Vanessa Lynch

2013 Interfaith Peace Walk and Atomic West Program

The Detail Schedule and Information of 2013 PEACE WALK

for A NUCLEAR FREE FUTURE (Portland OR – Bangor WA)

 Starting Point , Time & where we will walk & stay.


Jul 26 Fri. Portland,OR

          ◎7PM Gathering & Symposium*ATOMIC WEST*

          Augustant Lutheran Church, 2710 NE 14th Ave. PORTLAND OR

          (15th Ave. & Knott)                              

[STAY] The Native American United Mothodist Fellowship of Portland

3917 NE Shaver St. PORTLAND OR 97212  503-287-6526

Jul.27 Sat. Portland(12mls-)

          ●8:30AM Walk start at

Japanese American Historical Plaza:2 NW Naito Parkway, PORTLAND OR

(Along the waterfront at NW Naito & Coach)

Jul 28 Sun. White Salmon & Hood River(13mls-)

           ●9:00AM Walk start at Hwy 141 & W Jewett Blvd WHITE SALMON WA 

           12:00PM lunch at Water Front Park located at the riverside of Columbia R.

           HOOD RIVER, OR

●1:00PM Walk start from Water front Park HOOD RIVER OR

      ◎Symposium *Atomic West* HOOD RIVER(unfixed) Contact Robbie Lap

Jul 29 Mon. Toppenish(Yakama Nation),WA(12-3mls)

            Drive from HOOD RIVER OR to WAPATO WA (2.5 hours~106miles)

           ●10:30AM Walk Start W.3rd ST. & S.Naches Ave. WAPATO

            To 241 Robbins Rd. TOPPENISH(Long House located)

~Walking downtown Wapato, Hwy 97 & downtown Toppenish

[Stay overnight] at Yakima Indian Reservation Long House(unfixed)

Jul.30 Tue. Richland-Hanford Gate of 300.(12mls)

            Drive from TOPPENISH to KENNEWICK(1.5 hours~68miles)

      We will leave Toppenish on 8:30AM

            ●940AM Walk Start at Rite Aid Parking Lot, 101N.Ely St.KENNEWICK

            ●After 5 miles walk we will move to John Dam Plaza 

      Gathering At 12:00PM AT John Dam Plaza,1815 George Washington Wy.


            ●Prayer and Walk start 1PM from JOHN DAM PLAZA to the Gate of 300

            Area of Hanford Site(5.7mls)[Stay]Christ the King Church Richland

Jul..31 Wed. Centralia(8mls)

            Drive between Richland and Chehalis

            ●200PM Walk Start

Chehalis Timberland Library,400N. Market Blvd.CHEHALIS. WA

7.5miles walk to 3681 Cookshill Rd. CENTRALIA WA                

Aug.1 Thu. Olympia( 17.5mls)

      ●815AM Walk Start

HWY12 +Littlerock Rd. SW ROCHESTER WA

(88Exit I-5 connected to HWY 12 Go to West)

      [Stay] 5537 40th Ave.SW OLYMPIA WA

2 Fri. Lacey(13.3miles)

        ●800AM Walk Start

        5537 40th Ave. SW OLYMPIA WA – Walk through Downtown OLYMPIA

        [Stay] Sacred Heart 812 Bowker St. LACEY 

3 Sat. Tacoma(18mls)

       ●800AM Walk Start

       Steilacom-Dupont Rd. SW+Pendleton Ave. DUPONT (near to I-5 Exit 119)

       To Downtown Tacoma

       [Stay]Guadalupe House Tacoma Catholic Worker

    1417 S G St. Tacoma 98405 253-572-6582           

4 Sun. Des Moines(14.5mls)

       ●830AM Walk Start

       Guadalupe House Tacoma Catholic Worker 1417 S G St. Tacoma

       [Stay] Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church

       25701 14th Pl. S. DES MOINES WA 98198

5 Mon. Seattle(15miles)

       ●900AM Walk Start

       Kubota Garden 55th Ave. S + Renton Ave. S. Seattle

      To Downtown Seattle & Sadako Statue(Univ. Dist.)

      Sadako Statue(The Peace Crain girl in Hiroshima) located at

      NE 40th St. + Roosevelt Wy NE Seattle~northern end of the University Bridge, University District Seattle)

      ◎Symposium *ATOMIC WEST* at UNIVERSITY FRIENDS MEETING, 4001 9th Ave. NE Seattle. WA 98105 (unfixed 7PM~?)

6 Tue. Lake Forest Park & Green Lake Seattle Lantern Ceremony-Hiroshima to Hope (10mls walk + Volunteer work+ Lantern Ceremony)

       ●830AM Walk Start Bothell Wy. NE+80th Ave.NE KENMORE


        [Stay]Bainbridge Island. Beautiful Nipponzan Myohoji Temple   

7 Wed. Bainbridge Is. (Rest Day)

       [Stay]Nipponzan Myohoji Bainbridge Is. Dojo 6154 Lynwood Ctr. Rd. NE B.I. *Lunch-Dinner* Barbecue at Ichimura san’s home in Key Peninsula

8 Thu. Bainbridge Is.-Suquamish(12mls)

       ●830AM Walk Start at Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple, 6154 Lynwood Ctr. Rd. NE Bainbridge Island. WA 98110  206-780-6739,  

      ◎7PM Symposium*Hibakusha in the World/Atomic West*

       SUQUAMISH UCC CHURCH (the Address is below)

[Stay]Suquamish UCC Church. 18732 Division Ave. NE Suquamish.WA

9 Fri. Suquamish-Ground Zero Center(14.5mls)

      ●900AM Walk Start at Chief Seattle’s Grave

   ~Downtown Poulsbo~Ground Zero Ctr. For Nonviolent Action

     [Stay]Ground Zero Center 16159 Clear Creek rd. NW Poulsbo WA 98370


10-11 Sat.-Sun. Hiroshima Nagasaki Day Activities of Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action     


 “This year we are hoping to expand our reach to communities of color
along the westcoast and get the information about the global, regional
and local compromised positions we are in regarding use of nuclear in
all its forms.

February 16: Northampton to Amherst

A wonderful second day for the Walk For a New Spring Peace Walk with blue skies and sunshine for over 35 participants who gathered at Pulaski Park in Northampton, MA. After Sister Claire spoke with sincerity and wisdom about our focus for the walk, the walkers chanted and drummed down the well populated Main St of Northampton and the high visibility thoroughfare of Rt. 9 towards Hadley, garnering many smiles, honks, waves and folks flashing the peace sign.

Walkers join the Northampton Peace Vigil

Walkers join the Northampton Peace Vigil

The American Friends Service Committee with Jeff  Napolitano and Nuclear Free Future with Hattie Nestle hosted  us for a lovely lunch at the First Congregational Church in Hadley MA, where participants shared about upcoming  and important nuclear free activist events and joined in some connection and laughter amongst themselves.


The group continued walking after lunch through Hadley on Rt. 9  eventually arriving at the Jones Library in Amherst, MA for a Potluck  and talk by Charmaine  Whiteface of the Great Sioux Territory. The group was warmly hosted by the Amherst Human Rights Commission headed by Co Commissioners Ingrid Askew and Carol Ross.

A group of more than 80 people gathered at the library and the event was positively charged with spirited discussion,  the camaraderie of old and new friends working for a common good, and the addition of documentary filmmaker  Robbie Leppzer of Turning Tide Productions.

DSC04778The finale of the days events was truly a highly educational, moving and inspirational lecture given by Charmaine Whiteface entitled “America’s Chernobyl.”  Charmaine is a scientist, a professor,  a member of the Defenders of the Black Hills and a Sioux woman who currently resides in the Great Sioux territory.


Charmaine Whiteface  gave an historical overview of the  tribes comprising the Great Sioux Nation and how their territories have been marginalized,  with the bulk of the discussion landing on the 2,885 open pit uranium mines  that are currently flooding  the rivers, the reservations, the schools and the communities of the Sioux with radiation 4 times that of Fukushima. She spoke of the Riley Pass Mine, which emits 1400 micrograms of radiation/hour.  She spoke about a group of students and a professor coming to test at an open uranium site 300 yards form an elementary school where the micrograms of radiation count reached such high levels the professor ordered her students to leave as it was too dangerous. She spoke of the work her community has done to simply get signs posted that warn people of the toxic dangers of the radiation and how the government has yet to post most areas, and even worse has deemed certain areas  close to these sites “picnic areas”. Ms Whiteface  shared evidence that this region has the highest percentage rates of cancer in the country and how children swim unwittingly in radioactive river water. Ms. Whiteface  had many shocking facts to share and stories to tell about the government’s knowledge of these dangers and unwillingness to do anything about them.

DSC04791DSC04795 DSC04799 IMG_0375

An innovative and tenacious woman, Charmaine White Face came with a solution. She has made an open request for a bill: The Uranium Exploration and Mining Accountability Act, which in effect,  requires a moratorium on all further mining projects and mandates the clean up of all former sites before that moratorium can be lifted. This process calls upon the EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to inventory the problem areas and create an Action Plan for clean up as  well as implement the Moratorium on new uranium Exploration and Mining Permits.

Charmaine White Face ended her talk with a strong request and plea for people to implore their politicians to  sign onto the Uranium Exploration and Mining Accountability Act.

Post by Ana M. Wolf
Photos by Vanessa


Walk for the People – Walk for the Earth Community Meeting 3/16

Peace Walk, Manomet Point

Peace Walk, Manomet Point

The 50 day Walk for the People, Walk for the Earth begins on
Friday, February 15th at 2:30pm at the gates of the
Vermont Yankee Nuclear Facility in Vernon, VT.

There will be a potluck at 6:00pm at the
Green Trees Gallery in Northfield, MAfollowed by a presentation by Charmaine White Face and
community discussion.

The next day, Saturday the 16th
the walk will start at
11 am at Pulaski Park in Northampton
the group will walk into downtown Amherst
amidst a Black History Month town celebration
and have a potluck/community discussion at
5:30pm at the Jones Library.