Inventing Terrorists

Project SALAM

We’ve been working on our database of domestic “terrorism” prosecutions since about early 2009, and have been working on the Report over the past year and a half. It’s been slow, since it’s a completely volunteer effort. But I think it’s good quality work, combining legal experience with these cases, Steve Downs’ ability to see the big picture (I get lost in the details), lots of data analyzed , a great database written by Lynne Jackson, and superb editing and advice on how to make the report more professional from Jeanne Finley.

Please check out the Report, there is a link to it at this site. Basically what we did was to look at all the cases which DOJ termed “terrorism cases” and analyze them to see how many were what we call “preemptive prosecution” cases. As defined in our Report, “preemptive prosecution is a law enforcement strategy, developed…

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Journey for Justice

DSC06670i by MadameChoCho
DSC06670i, a photo by MadameChoCho on Flickr.

Journey for Justice.
Lynne Jackson of Project Salam will walk for 10 days from Albany to Binghamton, NY to hand deliver petitions calling for the release of Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain, two falsely imprisoned Muslim men targeted after 9/11.

For more photos from the first two days visit:


Follow the journey & sign the petition at