WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED | Eviction Blockade

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(video from Michelle William, MassLive)
Jeff Solivan Vs. Mel Watts
Springfield No One Leaves

“Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are the two largest mortgage holders & forecloser’s in the country. But they are owned by US, the taxpayers, after they were bailed out in 2008! Rather than working to support local communities and provide affordable housing, they are refusing loan modifications with principal reduction, evicting families no-fault, preventing common sense buy backs for people after foreclosure (Mass AG Sues Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae over Foreclosure Policy), and have refused to contribute almost $1 Billion in congressionally mandated funding to the National Housing Trust Fund which would create & maintain affordable housing, stimulate the economy and create jobs!”
Springfield No One Leaves/Nade Se Mude