Should Stop and Frisk Be Reinstituted in the South Bronx?

It’s Diaz vs. Diaz in South Bronx stop-and-frisk fight
Members of the politically-minded rap group Rebel Diaz have taken issue with comments made by state Senator Ruben Diaz regarding the controversial police tactic.
BY Denis Slattery
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS full article here
Monday, July 14, 2014, 2:00 AM

“While there are those who will argue against Stop and Frisk, statistics show that crime was better controlled and the loss of life was decreased,” Diaz (D-Longwood) wrote. “Bullets are flying, and children are dying.”
“He supposedly represents the Bronx, but I don’t think a lot of people would agree with it,” Rodrigo Venegas, 33, better known as RodStarz, told The News. “Sadly, the elder Diaz has once again proven the same nonsense.”
Hip hop duo Rebel Diaz blasted Senator Diaz for his remarks about stop-and-frisk. Knapp_Photography_2011 Hip hop duo Rebel Diaz blasted Senator Diaz for his remarks about stop-and-frisk.

Venegas and his brother, Gonzalo Venegas, 29, known as G1, argue that bringing back the tactic will only lead to a further deterioration of police-community relations.

“Instead of more stop-and-frisk, how about community centers and safe cultural centers,” Gonzalo Venegas asked, linking the policy to gentrification and calling New York a “police state.
“It’s worse to lose a life than to be searched,” Diaz said in response to his critics. “I will do anything before losing another life.”


What Senator Diaz and Mayor de Blasio are not taking into account is the root of the gun violence. It is not simply ‘being searched’ as Senator Diaz said, but the continued racial profiling. This country was founded on violence and capitalism and is a system which only allows validation, existence, and basic human rights to those with the money and power to afford it. When the police stop and search innocent black and brown men it is not making communities feel safer it is continuing to play into the racist mindset that these people are already criminals. It contributes to more violence because people do not feel safe to walk freely in their own communities.

In a report last year put out by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement the group finds that every 23 hours in the US a black man is shot by police officers.

Stop and Search is not happening on wall street, it’s happening in the south bronx, in springfield, and in poor black and brown communities across the nation. Re-instituting this racist policy will only bring more violence.

Yes, let’s look at the violence, and let’s do something real to change it.

When people’s basic human rights of food, shelter, education, healthcare, transportation and the right to move freely are being met let’s see how much the violence goes down. There are not readily available statistics of gun violence in this situation, because this has not happened, full scale, in this country. This country’s bottom line always has been money, not people. When people are not valued their attitude will reflect this.

Senator Diaz and the NYPD need to stop pointing their finger at the people who are carrying guns and instead work with community leaders, cultural figures and organizers to better meet these basic tenants of human rights. This will decrease violence – not more cops with a license to kill searching every non-caucasian they see.
Vanessa L.


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