Ayyub Abdul Alim Found Guilty, Moved to Walpole Prison

Ayyub Abdul-Alim is a Hero!!. The sacrifice he made for the safety and security of the Muslims against the indecent spy and entrapment tactics law enforcement were trying to recruit for will not be in vain. Siham Nafai betrayed her fellow Muslim brothers and sisters for money and citizenship & she enjoys her freedom in this country to continue her indecent work for pay. Ayyub Abdul-Alim sits in a jail cell (freedom taken away) because he refused to betray his integrity and safety of innocent Muslim families for the promise of money and freedom. How many of you would have made that sacrifice?? If Americans believe that importing Muslim Rats and locking up good honest Muslims with integrity will make America safer…You are in for a rude awakening. Its these rats who bring plagues and disease to a nation. “Muslims” are not the threat in this country. Its people in general Muslims & Non- who will do “Anything” for personal gain. Its these people who are the threat to every American and fellow Muslim alike.
Ayyub Abdul-Alim is a victim of “Muslim Fear” & prejudices. I have no doubt it was that prejudice that landed that guilty verdict. How convenient for the prosecution to have a trail on the anniversary of the Boston bombing. Emotions and fears running high, clouding judgment…..So so sad!! We are American too!! Our religion is Islam and we not only fear “terror” attacks against us as fellow Americans, but we also have to fear personal attacks against us for choosing to be Muslim. If only Muslims & Non-Muslims alike knew and understood that Ayyub’s struggle for freedom and justice was and is more than a personal struggle he would have more support. Justice for Ayyub is symbolic against injustice everywhere!
America was literally built on the backs of our ancestors who were slaves in this country. We struggled for freedom and equality then and continue to struggle today with the added struggle to practice our religion of choice amongst so many who fear it.
I am honored to be a descendent of Slaves in this country and I am honored to be a descendent of those amongst them who chose Islam as their religion of choice and way of life, and I am even more honored to be the sister of Ayyub Abdul-Alim who is my personal hero!
I have supported him from day one and ask for your support.
Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikhs, Atheists…Justice and Freedom has no borders. Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder “We shall overcome”!!


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