Clean Up The Mines

The radiation from these mines is everywhere.
It is in our air, our water, our food and our land.
It is accumulating in our bodies and permanently altering our human DNA chain. It has caused the people of the northern plains to have the highest cancer rates in the country.
A Call to Action

The Uranium Exploration and Mining Accountability Act calls for a moratorium on uranium mining in the U.S. until all open mines have been cleaned up. This bill was written by Charmaine White Face and the Defenders of the Black Hills.

Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva has agreed to raise the bill & Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern has agreed to sponsor it.

Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Monks and Nuns are currently leading activists on a 47 day walk to Washington D.C. where they will have an audience with congressional officials to raise the bill and other pertinent bills related to environmental safety and demilitarization.
Learn more about the bill and what you can do to help


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