Ayyub Pre-Trial Postponed

“You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.” – Malcolm X

Over 60 people came out on Friday to support the release of Ayyub Abdul Alim, local business owner who has been incarcerated for 2 years now without trial.

When the group got inside the court house we learned that the motion to suppress the hearing date had been changed.
Ayyub was not in the court house, and no one had been notified of the date change.
Ayyub’s defense Attny. Tom Robinson said it might be a good move to have the date changed until the informant who helped put Ayyub behind bars could be found, and descried her testimony as “essential to Ayyub’s defense.”

Inside the courthouse Attorney Robinson asked to see the sign up sheet requesting to be heard in front of the judge, and was told the sheet was lost. When asked why he said probably due to “inadvertence.”

The group came forward to address the flustered clerk who threw up his hands and finally said, “I shredded it!”

The group went to District Attorney Mastriani’s office and asked to speak to the DA to address the situation, learn why the court date had been changed with no warning, and impress upon him our firm resolve to see Ayyub’s charges dropped.

When the secretary saw how many people were waiting to speak to the DA they brought cops into the office and then said that he was, “in a meeting” and would not be able to address the group.

Despite the frustration of not being heard in front of the judge and missing Ayyub’s presence, and several attempts to silence the group, the group maintained calm and acted in a non-violent fashion.

We came together to write a statement for the DA expressing our displeasure at his lack of addressing the group, and to state again our solidarity for Ayyub.


“We are making history,” said organizer Vira Cage.

People came out to support Ayyub, but for many it was a great insight into the workings of the “justice system” and how disorganized and disinterested the court house and law officials are in working with the people for justice.

Hampshire College student Marcelle French said, “This is a great day. The suits are intimidated by the T-shirts.”

This Thursday at 8am is the pretrial.


We will be back in larger numbers.
Come show your support for Justice and call for the release of Ayyub Abdul Alim.

#dropthecharges #freeayyub

AYYUB timeline cover

Ayyub Facebook Timeline Cover; Right click & save, upload to show your support!

Join the Campaign to Free Ayyub Abdul Alim!
Justice For Ayyub

“El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!”
more photos at flickr.com/drvonskillet

peace & solidarity,
Vanessa L. 


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