The HC Immigrant Solidarity Network presents: “Dismantling our Deportation Nation: An Undocumented Organizer-Worker Panel”

“Deportations are at an all-time high under the Obama Administration and its Operation Streamline. 1,200 are deported every day and since Obama took office around 400,000 people are deported every year, but there is fightback and there is organizing happening to defend against the attacks on the undocumented population.

The panel at this event will feature 2 National Immigrant Youth Alliance organizers and 1 JustCommunities – Springfield organizer. The 2 NIYA activists are heavily involved in the DREAM9 and DREAM30 actions and in NIYA’s Secure Your Own Community initiative. The JustCommunities organizer is involved in the fight for the TRUST Act and Driver Licenses for Undocumented residents here in the state of MA.

The panel will be followed by a Q&A session!

Come check it, dinner from El Guanaco will be provided!”



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