Voice From Fukushima Trailer Release


Chikako Nishiyama interviewing Vietnam Veteran, actor, farmer, and peace activist Al Miller

{source: OrangeInk}

Voice From Fukushima Official Trailer
After campaigning in Japan for a cleanup of the nuclear waste and an end to the nuclear industry Chikako Nishiyama came to the US looking to build international alliances and to call for the people of the world to stand in solidarity with those suffering from all parts of then nuclear chain – from uranium mining to nuclear bombs.

Last weekend filmed she interviewed several anti-nuclear activists for a documentary to bring back to Japan. This documentary highlights the history of the nuclear disarmament movement in the US and is an international stance of solidarity with the people around the globe suffering from the failures of the nuclear industry.

We are trying to raise some money for this project, for editing, marketing, etc. If you would like to make a donation to help us share these stories you can go to our paypal link here
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“One World, No More War, No More Fukushimas”
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