DSC06858i by MadameChoCho
DSC06858i, a photo by MadameChoCho on Flickr.

Live Show 6-8
Following an open forum & discussion at UMASS on the Trayvon Martin case and George Zimmerman’s verdict of “Not Guilty”.

“What we’re facing here is not anti-racism. We need to be real and call it what it is, and that’s anti white supremacy.” –

Tomorrow in Springfield starting at 11:45 am on State Street there will be a peaceful protest march calling for justice and honoring Trayvon’s memory.

Also, locally, many of you will remember the incident in Northampton outside of the 11s where Jonas Correia was assaulted, maced and arrested a few months ago.
(video here:

He was recently dropped the assault charges but his next court date is on September 8th. People will be coming out to call for the DA to also drop all civil charges.

Keep it movin.



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