7/14 In Memory of Trayvon Martin

DSC06802i by MadameChoCho
DSC06802i, a photo by MadameChoCho on Flickr.

about 200 people turned out in front of City Hall in Northampton, Massachusetts following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in Florida.

Actions are continuing around the states. In Western Mass tomorrow (7/18) at UMASS there will be a night of spoken word and discussion
Details below:

Description4-6PM Open Forum
* Open Mic. Updates from social justice organizations. The Director of the University’s Center for Counseling and Psychological Health will be present to discuss services that are available to those in need of one-on-one support services.

6-8PM Listening Session tuned into TRGGR Radio Live, WMUA 91.1FM
* The global and local guests on the show will be focused on the recent verdict and various post-verdict responses.

Sponsored by the Office of the Chancellor and the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life

More photos from 7/14 event can be found here:



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