Mainstream media ignores USA government’s weakening of radiation safety standards


Radiation-Warning1Shocking raise in nuclear radiation ‘safety levels’ announced Digital Journal By R. C. Camphausen Apr 17, 2013 –  Washington – Shocking is not only that the White House is significantly raising so-termed ‘safety levels’ for nuclear radiation in drinking water and soil, but also that mainstream media are all too quiet about this assault on people’s health.

 There are a few websites, for example here and here, who’ve picked up and reproduced the information, it will be interesting to watch how long it takes major media outlets to report and comment on this development.
 Rather than doing something to reduce the dangers invisibly emanating from nuclear plants and enriched weaponry, the White House and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have apparently chosen to accommodate the nuclear industry rather than protect the population.
 In the original article, published on the website of Helen Caldicott and also at Global Research

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