What The Fukushima? Vermont Yankee One Year Later

Anti nuke activists march through downtown Brattleboro to call for a total shut down of Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor

March 30, 2013

A thousand people took to the streets of downtown Brattleboro on Saturday to protest the continued operation of Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor one year after the plant’s license was originally set to expire.

Entergy, the company that owns Vermont Yankee stated originally that the plant would not continue to operate without a certificate of public good.

When the Vermont legislature overwhelmingly voted against a renewal of the plant’s re-licensing, Entergy decided to sue the state and eventually won the right to re-license the Mark 1 boiling water reactor (the same make as at Fukushima Daiichi Prefecture) for another 20 years.

Last March when the plant continued to operate thousands of people came from all over New England to support the Vermonters fight for a sustainable and nuclear free future.
Dozens of people were arrested following acts of civil disobedience at Entergy headquarters.

Protest at Entergy, March 2012

This year after a short march through town, the walk ended with a gathering at the Latchis Theater.
The Sage Alliance and other organizations organized a series of skits, speakers and other performances depicting the dangers of Vermont Yankee and sharing the story of the ongoing legal battles between the State of Vermont and Entergy.

Entergy’s CEO and team of lawyers vs. the people of Vermont

Speakers included activist Chris Williams, Senator Jeanette White, and Deb Katz the director of Citizens Awareness Network (CAN) who ended the program with the reminder that “This is not a time to be discouraged rather a time to rededicate ourselves to shut this nuke!

Vanessa Lynch/Zorlu

Leaks, Lies & Lawyers 2013
2012 Protest at Entergy HQ


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