Walk for a Nuclear Free Future Day 4

DSC02843 by Peace Walks
DSC02843, a photo by Peace Walks on Flickr.

Weds. August 8, 2012
Walk day 4

12 miles

Florence to Sunderland

Today was hot.
Temperatures reached over 93 degrees but despite the heat three new faces joined the walk. Thank you!

Our first stop this morning was at The Hungry Ghost bakery (http://hungryghostbread.com).


Run by Jonathan and Cheryl this bakery uses an efficient oven brought over from Spain that allows the oven to continually burn.

Jonathan and Cheryl are good friends of the pagoda and offer bread to the community weekly.

We left the bakery and the sun had only gotten warmer.

Walkers came down through Northampton and through Hatfield, stopping for lunch at the Hatfield Town Hall before ending the walk day at Sunderland Public Library.

We are here now with pictures and information, and will soon move to Deerfield for our last offical night of the walk.


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