The Walk Needs Your Help

No More Fukushimas by Peace Walks
No More Fukushimas, a photo by Peace Walks on Flickr.
Early Thursday morning five of the walkers crossed the border into Canada with no problem.
The other vehicle with a few walkers and the walkers’ luggage was not able to make it.
So the walk needs support.
We’ve read about you, students of Toronto! Come out and walk for a week, a day, or an hour. March in solidarity with the walkers or come to a potluck dinner, spread the word!
Tonight the walk is staying at the Kingston Unitarian Fellowship on 206 Concession street.
Meet them tonight or tomorrow.
In the morning they head towards Napanee where they will be spending the night at Grace United Church.
To join the walk call

Lauren C. 1 413 320 2856
Vanessa Z. 1 978 696 1312

What you need:
Walking shoes
Sleeping Bag


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