Day 5


Last night Annika left the walk to head back home to N.Adams – We missed you today! Hope you got home safely and spent the day resting up 🙂

This morning we left St. Peters around 7:30 after a short discussion with Father George about the state of the world. A local, Jen Chambers came to offer a ride to the walk. We drove a few miles out of Oswego and walked 12 miles into Pulaski.

It rained briefly today around lunch and we weren’t sure where we would be able to have lunch. The support van stopped at the 6 mile mark at the Sleepy Hollow Bear campsite. Clara and I were riding and we went in to ask the man if we he would lend us some space and a bathroom and shelter from the rain. He opened up the door to his incredible rec room with white leather couches, a pool table, and more than enough space for the walkers to have a comfortable lunch.
After the walk we went a few more miles to Byrne Dairy where we met up with Robert & Robert of Unity Acres. They drove out to bring us to our stay place for the evening.
Unity Acres is a shelter for men. They can house upwards of 80 men at any given time.

Currently there are about 75 men living at Unity Acres.

We met with our host Barefoot who helped organize this evening. After a feast with the residents we’re organizing for Canada and heading off to sleep.

Today there was a piece published in the Post-Standard about the walk:

Tomorrow we walk from Unity Acres into Orwell.
It’s about a 16 mile day.


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