No More Fukushimas Walk – Day 1


11 of us met up at the Grafton Peace Pagoda and drove out to begin the walk at Onondaga Nation near Syracuse, NY. We were welcomed by Jean Shenandoah, and learned a little bit about the history of the Onondaga nation and the roots of democracy.

After unpacking at the Onondaga Nation we had dinner at the Syracuse Zen Center and spoke a little bit about the walk, the Syracuse Peace Community, drones, local nuclear power, and Fukushima.

Hattie Nestel then did a presentation on her experience at Vermont Yankee and all around the country, and about Devil’s Tango by Cecile Pineda, the book she is currently promoting.

Originally we were scheduled to hear from a woman from Fukushima but she didn’t have the correct visa information and was turned away in Osaka at the last minute.

Hattie Nestel speaks about Devil’s Tango and Fukushima, Zen Center,

We spent the night at the Cooks house back at Onondaga Nation.

We started at Onondaga for many reasons. Audry Shenandoah who was a grandmother to Jun san recently passed away. We went to pay our respects at her grave.

Another reason to start the walk there was to learn about the roots of democracy and the work of peace.

The Onondaga Nation have been peacekeepers for a long time.
Many years ago the Onondaga were visited by a peacekeeper who encouraged people to lay down their weapons.

The weapons were buried under a tree which came to be known as the Tree of Peace from which white branches grew in the four directions, inviting people to work together.

17 of us spent our first walk night at Onondaga.


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