Vanessa 2/22 + 2/24

Thursday February 24, 2011

Apres moi
Today we walked from the castle-church in Fairhaven to Sandwhich MA. We did a fair bit of shuttling, but I am happy to report that this was the first day I was able to walk the entire time. And I’m not really in that much pain right now, AND my breathing is basically fine. It’s a nice feeling.Anyway, this morning we left the church with Ann Fox the minister and the church’s director walking with us. We were also joined by two of Hallel’s friends, Sheila and Daniel.

It was a beautiful day, not too cold or windy and the sun was shining brightly. We walked for about an hour and had a quick bathroom break at this auto shop place. The owner’s name was Louie and he was a really sweet guy. Up on the walls he had pictures of his granddaughter at seaworld. It was funny because there was a dolphin right next to her, and I have never everseen a child look more terrified. Up close those cute little creatures have pretty big teeth… So we left Louie’s, walked for about another hour and stopped to figure out where our next rest stop was.

Betty pulled up in the support van and told us that we had walked 7.2 miles. What an incredible feeling. In the time it takes to watch a movie at home, or 2 episodes of Leverage, we had walked 7.2 miles. BAMF.

Anyway, as we were outside trying to figure out our plans, 2 women came walking over to us all excited. One was dressed in all black with a scarf, the other had on a tan shirt and slacks. (Ew, I said slacks. I feel like my grandmother.)

The woman in black started speaking,
“Hi!” she began. “We both saw you when we were driving in to work today, and we are doing this thing called the 365 project. You take a picture every day for a year, yeah, well would it be okay if we took your picture?”

Of course we said it would be fine. I can’t find it, but hopefully it will pop up and I’ll post the link.

So we left the ladies and headed on to the Mattapoisett Council on Aging where we stopped for lunch. It was a leisurely lunch, and I was able to take a nice little power nap on their incredible couch.

After lunch we shuttled across the Bourne bridge and walked a few miles through Sandwhich. We picked up Dan’s car at the Sandwhich Glass Museum. and shuttled forward to Mashpee, MA where Mother Bear had dinner waiting for us at the Old Indian Meetinghouse. I tried clam chowder for the very first time! I am happy to report that not only did I survive, but I think I enjoyed it. Kato Shonin found out I had never had chowder before and was shocked, “Where are you from, Italy?”


So after dinner we came to Mother Bear’s house where we will be spending the evening. Unfortunately her daughter Sonia, a friend of the Pagoda’s, was unable to join us. She has a flat tire.

Mother Bear told us a bit about the history of Mashpee and it’s kind of sickening how easy it was for white people to basically just take over. And all I can think is that in her lifetime she’s basically just gotten to see her people slowly decline.

She said that since the casino thing, there are all kinds of people registering as Mashpee. And they call them, “Woodwork cousins” because they had no interest in their heritage – until they found out they might be getting some dough out of it. It’s gross.

But she pulled out some pictures from Kato Shonin’s surprise birthday party. They were beautiful pictures. My favorite was one of me and Kato Shonin surrounded by a ton of women, handing him his flower lai and wishing him a Happy Birthday.

Tomorrow promises to be an interesting day. Winds at 30mph, torrential rain, a wind and flood advisory – the weather is going to be awful.

But tomorrow Dan and Steve and Christian come. 🙂

So that was my day.

But just as a small sidenote.

This country is on the edge of it’s seat. The world is waking up. People are angry at the way they have been treated and people want a change. I feel that soon the time will come for a revolution in our own country.

Whatever you believe, it is clear that somethingbig is happening in the world. And I for one, and pretty damn excited.



And for a moment, I was inspired

Tonight’s community dinner/meeting in Warren was absolutely, without a doubt the most interesting and passionate evening yet.People were not afraid to speak their minds, and as a result things got a little intense.

I started off the evening feeling a little…bothered. I think it was mainly because I was just tired today, and all I really wanted to do was come home and sleep. The evening started with a woman named Joyce singing to us while we ate. Her voice was incredible, and her songs seemed to be lifting everyone’s spirits. It felt like everyone in the room was singing along with her, clapping, tapping their feet in time with the music. Everyone except me. I was feeling like I just wanted to leave. Before my phone died, I went outside and called my mom to say good evening and check on my little brother, who had just gone on his second sleepover ever.

I was really glad to hear that he went and stayed the evening. I found out about this sleepover when I took my brother sledding a few weeks ago. I was standing at the top of the golf course freezing, and my brother called me over. He introduced me to his friend Kai, a boy from his school he described as “the nicest boy in his class”. I said hello and I met his mother, an incredible woman who also, coincidentally enough has some ties to Tom and the Pagoda. Anyway, I really wanted Jared to go to this boy’s birthday party, and apparently he did.

When I was on the phone with my mother another call came in from Ammon, who I have been trying to reach unsuccessfully for the last few weeks. Two birds with one stone and all that.

So I finished my phone calls, and snuck back into the room where everyone else was eating and enjoying the music.

I basically just wanted to leave.

The music was finished, and everyone started gathering the chairs into a circle. Tim asked me why I hadn’t been singing. I settled into a chair and mentally prepared myself for another night of the same questions about the walk.

Kato Shonin sat down to my left, and Sister Clare sat down on my right. She turned to me and told me that Andrea and all of the other public school teachers of Providence, R.I. had just been laid off.

Anyway, I can’t think straight because I am having a million conversations, but the gist of it is this woman Joyce opened up her mouth and like out came this amazing, inspirational bidnasss.

peace out.
edit later.


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