Bruce G. — The Unspeakable

The Unspeakable


I highly recommend watching this video of a talk by Jim Douglass who wrote the highly regarded book called JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died & Why It Matters.

The peace walk is now in Keene, New Hampshire where we are staying at the Inter-faith Campus Ministry House. We met with a group of students from Keene State University tonight for a pot luck supper on the campus and had a nice discussion afterward.

We walked more than 12 miles today thru the beautiful rolling hills with mountains in the distance. Going up the hill I’d start sweating and coming down the hill I’d get cold again…the perfect way to get sick. So I spent much of the day zipping and unzipping my jacket.

Today’s primary observation for me is cars and trucks. There are too many of them out there. People feel the power of their vehicle, its anillusory power though. They can step on the peddle and zoom take off like a rocket. They can cover a huge distance in seconds, what would take me walking many minutes with real effort. Many people get terribly impatient when they have to slow their chariot down because we are walking alongside the highway or crossing the road. We’ve interrupted their personal power machine and they don’t like that. They are in a hurry to get some where and delays are not appreciated.

Walking though brings a totally different perspective on time. Power and acceleration are foreign concepts when you are walking – especially uphill. You are more conscious about the air quality and the noise levels which are severely impact by the car culture. You notice so many more things along the highway – like when I saw a man walk through the woods because he saw us coming or the dogs barking or the horses and cows reacting to us. Walking hurts because we are not used to it but it is the natural way for humans to move. Sadly like so many other things we are even losing our ability to walk.

Brother Kato is working on my right leg and foot again. Last night he spent an hour massaging and applying heat with Chinese medicine to my most painful spots. His treatment kept me walking today.

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