Bruce G — Obama wants to cut home heating assistance in half



The big story in the newspapers here in western Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire (and Maine) is Obama’s crazy proposal to cut the low-income home heating assistance program for poor people. The cost of heating oil is going up and Obama wants to cut the program by 50%. It’s only about a $2.5 billion cut but it helps many people and keeps them from freezing to death. It shows how hard-hearted Obama really is.

He’d rather keep his war spending growing and the empire of bases in tact. People need to defend those who are going to die when the heat gets turned off.

We walked 14 miles in a very cold windy day along the Connecticut River today. We passed by the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant that the state legislature has just voted to close down. The power companies want to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. The river is frozen solid until you get near the power plant – then the water is too warm to freeze. Imagine how the aquatic life is impacted by the power plant.

Tomorrow we head to Keene, New Hampshire. The weather is supposed to warm up by 20-some degrees. They’ve had a huge amount of snow in this region and I read in the local paper that barn roofs have been collapsing and some cows have been killed. Climate change is having an impact.

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