Day 7 Karen [ME]

3/25/10 Beautiful sunny day. We set out from Norway at 8:30 well fed by the Norway community. Walked several miles before shuttling to Minot and walking again. Stopped for lunch at Creative Trails an Organization/Center for adults with disabilities where participants create in various artistic mediums such as silk screen weaving, felting, and painting. We ate outside on their lovely purple picnic bench. Tasty bagged lunches prepared by the Norway community. We took off our shoes and rested in the warmth of the sun. Throughout lunch a few at a time we went into the center and met the artists, Karen, Dora and Chris. Chris had a laugh that knocked your socks off. Before we left, the artists and their facilitator Kelly came outside and joined us in prayer. We then walked many more miles (little toes beginning to get tender) up more hills and down a few. We entered the city of Auburn, across the bridge into Lewiston crossing the Androscoggin River and admiring the cascading, falling water and the current that formed aeration patterns that looked like Rorschach tests. We met people walking across the bridge that expressed their curiosity about us and expressed support for our mission. We walked to a park in Lewiston, where we rested until it was time to meet with the Mayor of Lewiston, Larry Gilbert. Who welcomed us and shared remarkable stories about Dr. Bernard Lawn, who has been a mentor for him. Mayor Gilbert worked hard to get the bridge between Lewiston and Auburn renamed the “Bernard Lown Peace Bridge.” The Mayor also told us about his difficulties in getting the city council of Lewiston to support him becoming a Mayor for peace. Although the council voted against this step he did it anyway! We went to the Trinity Episcopal Church where Rev. Steve Crowson greeted us. He told us about a program held in the church where more than 80 people are fed daily, used clothes are available, 20 to 30 children participate daily in activities (many are Somalis) and other services are provided. Wow! We shared a delicious dinner with members of the Church. Lots of Chicken for us Carnivores (a number of Maine Veterans for Peace where there and shared stories of how the national organization was founded in Auburn at Denny’s Restaurant). We went upstairs and shared a lovely program including an introduction to the Jesus Party Program that serves children promoting peace and preventing hate. Then we shared songs and blessings and hunkered down throughout the sanctuary to rejuvenate our bodies for the 19 mile walk to Brunswick. Amen! [Karen]


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