Day 6 — NH

Woke to snowflakes falling gently. Tim drove us to Bethel Maine where we met up with a contingent of Mainers, among them Shelby, Christy, Karen, Jean, Grace, Molly, Maggie, Bruce & Tom. We set out under wet snow along the rushing Androscoggin River almost to the level of the road. Lisa Redmond met us with sandwiches in Locke’s mill and we walked on to the Molly Ocket motel where Betty had found us a beautiful space to eat. The owner, Tim, showed us the chimney he had made of minerals from all over the world – including the words “I am” in phosphorescent rock. Walked 12 miles and arrived in Norway to a warm welcome at the Norway Universalist Church where over 35 local friends turned out for a sumptuous pot luck, followed by a gathering where we shared our purpose in undertaking this walk, and Bruce shared about the campaign to “Bring our war dollars home” – The amount of money spent by Maine alone to finance these “endless wars” that could go to lift up the people and restore the crumbling infrastructure at the gathering we were also blessed by a musical offering from Heather Pierson, the music director of the church and.. [Christian Collins]


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