Day 4 Christian [NH]

Monday 3-22-10
Inspired and charged up from seeing Bernie Sanders and the Danish ambassador to the U.S. present a vision of what a society that truly cares for all its members looks like, we set out the next morning towards the Shao Shan temple where Rev. Taihaku and Ken Shonin and the three Burmese monks, Venerables U Agga, U Gawasita, and U Pyinya Zawta were waiting. After a delicious breakfast in the Temple we had the chance to share experiences with the Burmese Venerables. They spoke of the repression they had suffered in 2007 along with the rest of the Burmese Sangha at the hands of their government. Many of us were moved to tears to hear them talk of their processions through the streets of Rangoon wishing loving kindness on all beings, even the government that had beaten them and sent their brothers to serve endless prison terms in distant prisons. They were in Vermont to present the film, “Burma VJ”.
    We arrived in Danville at noon and set out walking east on Rt. 2 towards St. Johnsbury in a drizzling rain. We arrived around four and took refuge in the St. J’s Universalist Church where we were well fed by Beth and Daisy and Bonney from the North Country Coalition for Peace and Justice. It was particularly inspiring to connect with Bonney Simmons who is going strong at 90 years old, and to hear her recollections of peace and justice work going back a half century! Kato Shonin, Tim & Christian were warmly hosted by Stewart and Anne Smith in Danville for the night, while the Women, Palmer, Betty, and Vanessa stayed in town with Bonney. (Sister Clare had gone to Boston). [Christian]


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