Day 37 — Betty

Betty cont. Saturday April 24
An evening with Bob and Wendy in Middletown was oh so relaxing – nurturing (showers, laundry, cozy meal together …)
We watched the DVD about the ‘Peace Belt’ traveling around the world with its prayers for peace from so many sources – varied cultures, religions, musicians, dancers. The belt’s vision was Wendy’s – a jeweler, the belt is coins of many nations, interspersed with many precious + semi-precious stones. As it travels the glove it is gifted by its wearer or their country of origin. The peace belt has its constancy, while, like the prayers for Peace that it embodies – it breathes, grows and evolves.
Wendy, like so many of the ‘activists’ met along our path, has many projects involving the spreading of peace. They’ve created an organization that has given 1,000s of young people shoes which is their ‘ticket’ into a classroom – without them, school is barred to them.
Live Music – My Love~
We were graced with a virtuoso-esque performance by Bob who’s a musician extraordinaire/songwriter.
He and Wendy sang a song together – into the wee hours around midnight – Puja @ 6:30 following morn. Well worth staying awake to hear it.


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