Day 36 Andrea

Saturday, April 23, 2010 Andrea
We’re halfway through today’s journey, and although my body feels like giving up my spirit will encourage it to make it to the end 🙂 .
It has been 8 days since joining the walkers and each day seems to me more amazing than the previous one. The kind spirits along the way have seen me through the agony my hips and recent pinkie toe is experiencing – WOW – just got handed the key to drive support for the first time!!! PERFECT synchronicity with the timing – couldn’t have come at a better time.
Seems like the energy from the walk offers our prayers an additional lift or support and immediacy. So often throughout the week at home prayed on small things and almost instantaneously my small prayers are answered.

My Mom has been my guide on the walk and I pull my strength from her spirit that I feel so profoundly surrounding me/us and protecting the walkers <3. Thanks mummie I ❤ you forever XOX!


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