Day 15 Betty [NH]

Friday April 2nd, Portsmouth NH
For this moment I need to start with now and go in reverse:
Vanessa, Christian and I stayed with Penny Reynolds. Prior to our falling in on her, our troupe visited with long time activist of, I believe 89 years like Miss Maggie, Macy. Her home was on the water with the lights of the ‘shipyard’ flickering reflection decorating her landscape. She was a very powerful woman of action. She’d been arrested for her dedication to justice on many occasions. I told her we had an undercurrent to music shared with us on last year’s walk –This year’s undercurrent theme seems to be activists willing to stick their necks out repeatedly, even if it means a guillotine! (Macy Morse raised 13 children, 11 sons, 2 daughters when her youngest was 9 years her husband passed away at age 50 years)
-Vanessa quote – why she liked Macy – *”Macy hugged like the Titanic was sinking and I was her lifeboat!”
Penny Reynolds, our hostess was a carpenter of the most extraordinary skill. Her work was evident throughout her beautiful home. Touches of beauty and consciousness everywhere you looked. A dancer, musician, gentle spirit whose husband passed out of her life far too soon three years ago. It seems like they were as hand in glove, meant to be together. As seed and soil, more complete with each other than separate – she grieves still, she seems on the edge of both her joy and her sorrow.
She and I spoke of beauty. How grateful she was to be able to be ‘an artist’ in her creation of lovely spaces. This made possible by very wealthy people who put little or no constraint on her creativity and its expression. We lamented over the fact that all people, rich or poor deserve to have beauty in their lives. (Low cost) housing completes that feel more like prisons, rather than homes where one raises your family and creates traditions. (Betty)


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