Day 13 Betty [ME]

March 31
Our time in Maine is ending tomorrow; we have much to be grateful for. Each day brings the unexpected and as always, miracles abound. We were feted with an unbelievable turnout at the church in Norway. People were so excited that we came to their little community. (It’s been a number of days ago, but if memory serves there were about 50 people there) The peace and justice community in Brunswick/Bath is so amazing. Besides Maggie Finch, our soon to be eldest 89 year old walker there were numerous others in their 70s and 80s who walked with us for varying amounts. (Our walk on Monday the 29th from Freeport to Portland held torrential rain with gale force winds. And still, Pat, a woman, probably in her 70s stick with us the whole way – wonderful attitude and perseverance. )
Little aside; people who spontaneously join us like Cath and her daughter Hannah from the Country Inn who walked us into Freeport after giving us respite at the inn (Hannah and her peace t-shirt and peace buttons and other memorabilia) Bruce and his partner Mary Beth went over later that night to offer Hannah a choice of new buttons from Bruce’s collection. How sweet it was to hear the 3 year old girl singing Peace Will Come from the table in the restaurant where Bruce so generously got us all hot soup as our break from the storm. I taught her the song while we washed up in the bathroom, and all through our break Christian and I could hear her sweet voice singing.
I spent our “no walk” rest day with Maggie. We soaked feet ala spa style, ate good food, took long baths, went with Bruce to a food pantry food pickup and community supper. He and Mary Beth embody what it means to be community minded. It is their life/life’s work!!
What will we do for Miss Maggie’s birthday tomorrow? I’d hoped to get some roll paper and markers at the church in Soco, perhaps I’ll duck into a church or school tomorrow and make one before Maggie and her daughter are due to re-join us around 11.


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